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About Self Storage Services Chesterfield

What is a self storage unit?

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A self storage unit is really a shortened version of the phrase “self service storage unit”, and as the name suggests, it’s a business that allows you to rent storage space, and control the use of it yourself.

This can be useful for individuals or businesses, in situations such as moving house, traveling, inheriting loved ones belongings, or moving into smaller accommodation.

Some experts refer to the categories of customers in the 4D’s – death, divorce, downsizing, and dislocation.

How does self storage work?

The self storage facility will rent you space or a unit on a short term basis or long term lease. The options are normally month-to-month pricing. You will usually be provided with packaging, boxes, and other things necessary to help store your belongings. You can use this self storage company in Chesterfield called GoStore as an example, of a company that provides boxes and other packaging. Many companies will provide you the option of insuring your goods, which may be a good idea for high priced valuables, but then again the selling point of most storage facilities is that they’re very secure.

The tenant secures their own facility, no employee can have casual access to the contents of the unit, which is one of the reasons that the facility cannot be liable for theft.

Are self storage units safe / secure?

This really depends on the company policy, and so will vary by provider. Some of the things that can improve the security of the self storage unit are:

  1. Digital Surveillance Cameras
  2. Password Protected Access Systems
  3. Fully Lit Perimeter
  4. Fully Maintained Building
  5. Employee Systems
  6. High Quality Locks
  7. Good Insurance Options

You should look to get as many of these as possible in your chosen self storage provider.

Are self storage units insured?

The insurance for any self storage unit is purchase by the individual themselves who is renting the space, however the actual company may have a preferred or good value offer that you can look at.

How much are self storage containers?

Self storage prices really vary depending on the provider and security of the space. For a good, secure unit, you will probably be paying in the region of £140 per month for a 50 square foot of space. Usually if you purchase a larger unit, the price per foot will go down. Remember, the cheapest unit isn’t always the best option! To learn more about storing import goods, click here.

Can you use self storage as a workshop?

There are certain areas where this might not be appropriate, for example you aren’t able to store flammable liquids in a self storage facility (for obvious reasons) which may mean you cannot make use of it how you want.

Your best bet is to ask for the advice of the company you have chosen, explicitly outlining what you want to store and how it will be used.

Can you sleep in self storage?

This is prohibited in most storage units and is probably not advisable. If you’re working in the unit until very late and fall asleep, this may be acceptable, but definitely no longer term option.

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Does self storage come with a moving van?

You may find that some storage units come with a mobile van or unit that can be driven to your address, and lets you stay at home whilst also getting your things into storage. This can really help you avoid the pain of having to both pack the things into your car and to move them into the unit.

Does self storage come with a free pick up?

In most cases picking up of goods will come at an extra charge, however you may be able to find some companies offering a limited time deal that comes with free pickup.

Is self storage a good investment?

See this video for more information:

Learn more about Chesterfield here.

The Self Storage Centre

We have many years experience as a storage company and we will make you proud to use our self storage solutions in Chesterfield. We make the promise to you today that you will love the storage units you rent from us.

We offer high tech storage solutions such as those with electric power that allows you to run an Ebay shop from there too. We also do caravan storage and offer business storage.

Contact us today to get the best service and offers for 2019 and beyond, friendly and professional staff here for you all year round in Derbyshire.

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